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Our Projects. 

While Creekside has been around since 2012 our goals have begun to change. Lets be honest COVID has changed everyone's life in one way or another. While the basis for Creekside has never changed we are currently finding new ways to be supportive to the needs of the community. 

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Supper Club Dinner

Supper club dinner is a great place to visit with others in the community in a comfortable, fun environment. 

We open the doors by 4pm Mondays and Thursdays. Many people come at that time to visit, sip coffee and play cards. 

Dinner itself is served family style. Encouraging people to mingle and fellowship. 

While many in town have family and friends to enjoy dinner with at home, there is also a large community who dines alone. And sometimes doesn't dine at all. 

A good hot meal can fill a person's stomach: and fellowshipping with these friendly faces can lift a person's soul. 

You never know when you are entertaining angel unaware.   

Food Pantry

We need Food and donations. 

Our food pantry serves anywhere from 10-35 families any given week. 

We provide a food pantry in a discrete and pleasant manor. Patrons are welcome to come once a week and gather food for that week. We are available to come throughout the week so people can shop in private. 

Times are hard for everyone. We pray the food pantry is able to supply the needs of many. Giving a little relief to the everyday needs of the home.

Please think about donating to the cause! Call for details.

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As we all know general wear and tear on a building can be a bear to keep up with. We are working on updating the building. We have just finished the remodel of the deck, and we are now in need of upgrading the energy efficiency of the building. Up next the windows and doors. And repairing the fireplace. 

Being safe and warm is essential for all our patrons and we look forward to these upgrades!

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